Organic Chocolatey Vegan Matcha Latte


Indulge in our Organic Chocolatey Vegan Matcha Latte Blend, crafted with care using premium Shizuoka Matcha, rich cacao, and pure cane sugar. Experience the perfect blend of earthy matcha goodness with velvety chocolate undertones. Savor the smooth, creamy texture and decadent flavor, knowing each sip is a harmonious balance of quality, sustainability, and delightful taste. Energize your day the wholesome way with this irresistible treat.

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Made with All Natural & Organic Ingredients:
Premium Japanese Matcha from Shizuoka, Japan, Cane Sugar, Cacao

Loose Leaf Tea: 100g

Caffeine Level: Low


Use 1-2 tsp to make a cup of tea or 1-2 tbsp for lattes.


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