Why Fundraise With Us?

Fundraising with Earth’s Natural Tea Blends offers a unique and wholesome opportunity to support a business that not only prioritizes quality and sustainability but also promotes overall well-being. Our organic teas are carefully crafted using ethically sourced, pesticide-free ingredients, ensuring a product that is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.


By aligning your fundraising efforts with our company, you are contributing to a healthier lifestyle for your supporters while also fostering a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. Beyond the exceptional product, our company values social responsibility, investing in fair labor practices and community development. Supporters can take pride in knowing that their fundraising efforts are not just selling a product but supporting a business that prioritizes ethical and eco-friendly choices.


In addition, the diverse range of flavors in our organic tea collection provides a versatile and appealing option for a wide audience, making it a delightful and successful choice for any fundraising campaign.

How It Works?

Choose 10-15 teas that you’d like to include in your fundraising, and we’ll design a flyer featuring these selections. We provide a 40% discount from our regular selling prices, and to qualify for complimentary delivery beyond Greater Moncton, NB, a minimum sales commitment of $500 is required.

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